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We are passionate about visual communication strategies and high-quality visual design

Studio CL is a graphic design studio based in Geneva (CH) created in 2019 by Claudia Molina.

The studio offers multiple services related to graphic design and communication: design and creation of visual identities, report layouts, magazines, poster design, packaging, illustration and websites.


Our work begins with three simple questions: What message do you want to communicate? To who? and how should it feel?, we can help you answer these questions, and translate them into visual terms that suit your needs.

Graphic Designer

Claudia Molina Madariaga

She has experience working as a graphic design consultant and as a design Professor.

Through her independent studio practice she focused on creating smart, provocative, and conceptual work for editorial, covers, brands and various print and online communications.

She has been living and working in Geneva, Switzerland since 2018.

Association A2Pas

Association Omoana

Lâcher Prise Genève

Ministère des Cultures et des Arts, Chili

CERAH Genève



Somos Cordillera

Universidad de Concepción, Chile

VEZ design

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